This article is about a project where I replaced a MySQL-based log system of a running service.

Why do we need our own log system?

Because Google Analytics or Firebase is not enough. Even though it supports a great variety of tools for data analytics, you still need a customized log system for a detailed analysis. Detailed experiments on user action require precisely designed logs collected in a custom log stream.

MySQL, you’ve been good to me

The old log system was based on MySQL RDS. A log request passed the load balancer to reach the API server just as other requests related to app service did. …

SQL 사내교육, Zeppelin 구축, 그리고 실제 DB에 적용하기

안녕하세요, 저는 OGQ에서 서버를 개발하고 있는 정수민입니다. 많은 스타트업이 그렇듯, 저희 팀 역시 늘 결정의 기로에 섭니다. 버튼 위치부터 KPI 설정까지 잠깐, 길게, 앉아서, 서서, 밥먹다가, 양치하다가 이야기가 끊이질 않는데요. 서로를 설득하는 지난한 과정을 거치며, 객관적인 지표로 이야기하면 더 정확하고 빠르게 논의를 마칠 수 있지 않을까 생각했습니다.

데이터도 감이 있어야

의사 결정의 근거가 필요할 때면 백엔드 개발자인 제가 주로 데이터를 가공하여 공유하지만, 사실 데이터에 대한 감각은 가장 떨어진다고 느꼈습니다. 같은 데이터를 봐도, 기획팀이나 운영팀이 뽑아내는 인사이트가 더 근사했기 때문입니다. 제가 데이터 엄청나게 돌려 …

Teaching SQL and Setting up Zeppelin

Just like any other startup does, my team had to make tens of decisions every day. Quite often they were as trivial as where a button should go, sometimes as enormous as setting up a yearly KPI. When the talks get lukewarm, we could feel that we need a convincing argument based on numbers.

The hidden gems of insights

I collected and analyzed the data for decision-making since I was the only backend developer on the team. While I was sharing a statistical report every week, I witnessed how operators and UI designers had accurate predictions on the result without even looking at it. That…

Three reasons why I love my job

I name things

It did surprise me to find out the most difficult job for developers: naming things. Coding is a journey of ‘divide and conquer’. We split a huge project into pieces and tell little minions to get those pieces done. Unfortunately yet unsurprisingly, these minions need names. Sometimes, names pop out of code. As a developer and entrepreneur, I have named quite a few things — a feature, a service, or even a company.

Hey, you. No, not you. Not you, again!

I am not an artist; yet, I create things. Putting a little name tag makes me feel like giving birth to it. What kind of career would…

Soo Min Jeong

MSc Student in Data Science

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