Officially been a year, I’m absolutely in love

Three reasons why I love my job

I name things

It did surprise me to find out the most difficult job for developers: naming things. Coding is a journey of ‘divide and conquer’. We split a huge project into pieces and tell little minions to get those pieces done. Unfortunately yet unsurprisingly, these minions need names. Sometimes, names pop out of code. As a developer and entrepreneur, I have named quite a few things — a feature, a service, or even a company.

I am not an artist; yet, I create things. Putting a little name tag makes me feel like giving birth to it. What kind of career would get you to name hundreds of things a day? A developer’s life shall do.

It’s okay to be idle

I’m not diligent, and for the first time in my life, I am not ashamed of it. Whenever I see an inefficient process of a project, it becomes my job. Every tiny mishap gives me a good reason to get back to my laptop and start coding. (Then the agony of naming haunts me again)

If you are lucky enough, your laziness will lead you to a good point of pain. “I can’t reach the button with my thumb and don’t blame my short fingers. They are fine.” I do not need numbers or charts to convince the UX designers. I am good at being idle, and they agree with me.

I don’t mind somebody looking at my screen

It was a compliment when I said it looked cool to a designer. Well, at least I thought so. Her visualization skill led me to understand what she was doing within a few seconds. After a while, I realized that it could bother designers that someone was watching their screen behind.

Compared to designers, it takes a little longer to see what a developer is doing in a short time. I sit on an aisle at my office, but nobody tries to look into my screen (one exception: my boss). Another 10 points to my job.

MSc Student in Data Science

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